Your First Visit

Your First Visit

To be able to treat your condition effectively it is crucial that we fully understand both your problem and how it affects your daily living.

We will start with a detailed consultation and establish your past medical history and any current/past medications. If you are taking many medications it would be most helpful if you could bring a list of these along to your first assessment.

Then an appropriate physical examination takes place, taking into account the severity and irritability of your condition. We will always aim to assess you without aggravating your symptoms.

Once we have completed the physical examination we are then able to provide you with a diagnosis, advise you on the possible treatment options and their effectiveness upon your condition. We can also inform you how many visits you may require and advise you on self-management of your condition.

Research suggests that greater results are achieved when both physio and patient work closely together towards a common goal. Through continued consultation and discussion with you, we aim to provide a patient-centred treatment plan to focus on your needs and goals.

If there is sufficient time left after the initial assessment we may do some treatment and advise you on self-help and exercises or this may need to be accommodated in a further appointment.