World Cancer Day

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World Cancer Day:

Half of the nation’s population is expected to be diagnosed with some form of cancer – according to Cancer Research UK– and the rising number is attributed to people living longer as two thirds of people with the disease are aged over 65.

Men are slightly more likely to get cancer than women. Each year in the UK, about 167,480 men and 164,000 women are diagnosed with some form of cancer.

What is cancer?

Cancer is when abnormal cells divide in an uncontrolled way. Some cancers may eventually spread into other tissues. There are more than 200 different types of cancer.

Can cancer be prevented?

Experts estimate that more than four in 10 cancer cases could be prevented by lifestyle changes, such as: not smoking, keeping a healthy body weight, cutting back on alcohol, eating a healthy balanced diet, keeping active, avoiding certain infections (like HPV), avoidance of radiation and some chemicals and staying safe in the sun.

Breast cancer could be detected early through self-examination and smear tests can spot abnormal cells that could lead to cervical cancer.

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