Rugby World Cup Injuries Explained

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Rugby World Cup Injuries Explained:

An Irish Rugby statement has revealed that Paul O’Connell suffered a significant hamstring injury and will undergo surgery later this week.

With a premature ending to an outstanding national and international career, O’Connell has been receiving many well-deserved tributes since sustaining his injury in Sunday’s World Cup match against France.

So what may haveĀ happened in injury terms?

Surgical repair of the tendon may be required following avulsion (pulling off) of the origin of the hamstring muscles at the ischium (the bony base of the pelvis where they attach). The injury results from a sudden forceful flexion of the hip joint when the knee is fully extended and the hamstring muscles are powerfully contracted.


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Irrespective of the cause or mechanism of his injury, we wish him all the very best for his surgery and recovery and may his legacy provide inspiration to the team to carry the torch further into the tournament!

Kate Hayes

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