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Here is an overview of what we offer:

    • Physiotherapy
    • Sports Massage
    • Luxury Oil Massage
    • Deep-Tissue Massage
    • Holistic Massage
    • Foot and Ankle Massage
    • Swedish Massage
    • Hot Stone Massage
    • Pre and Post-Natal Massage
    • Back Pain Therapy
    • Neck Pain Therapy
    • Tennis / Golf Elbow Therapy
    • Knee Pain Therapy
    • Arthritis Therapy
    • Laser Therapy
    • Ultrasound Therapy
    • Sports Clubs Plan
    • Family Membership Plan


Sitting Posture: Are You Sitting Comfortably?

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What is good posture? How can I achieve and maintain correct posture? The research organisation and charity Arthritis Care, provides valuable advice regarding sitting posture, look at the following link or copy it into your browser for tips and advice to reduce back strain when sitting: Further Information We can provide assessment and treatment for back and neck pain and ergonomic advice for home and work. We hope…

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Pain Self Management

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Pain Self Management: 10 Top Tips To Ease Pain and Self-Manage It: 1. Exercise: research demonstrates that gentle exercise can help to ease pain by reducing stiffness and helping to break the vicious circle of pain/less exercise/more pain and stiffness. Simple steps like gardening, walking and swimming can start the path to more regular exercise. 2. Correct breathing: when in acute pain it is common to take shallow breaths, focusing…

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Hello my name is….

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Hello my name is…… Kate Granger, the founder of the #hellomynameis campaign is a doctor but also a terminally ill cancer patient. Read on…… Hello my name is…is a campaign started by a doctor in England, highlighting the importance of introducing yourself when meeting a patient, a simple and yet vital courtesy often overlooked in day to day care. “During a hospital stay last summer I made the stark observation…

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Affected by stroke?

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Has a member of your family or a friend been affected by a stroke? What can you do? What is a stroke? It happens when the blood supply to part of your brain is cut off. It can be caused by a blockage in one of the blood vessels leading to the brain or a bleed in the brain. Blood carries essential nutrients and oxygen to your brain. Without blood…

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Back pain: 5 steps to avoid it

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Back pain: 5 simple steps to avoid it: Back pain self-management is possible. Check the following list to see what you can do to help avoid back pain. School bags and backpacks can contribute to back pain: With the new school year approaching, give serious consideration to the weight of school bags and back packs. School children and students should use a well-designed backpack, worn over both shoulders to distribute…

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Pre-Season Training: Recognise and Treat Concussion

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What is concussion? It is a brain injury which is usually caused by hitting your head or a fall. It can happen anytime and anywhere, for example, during sports or even at home. It is essential that it is taken seriously. It does not always involve losing conciousness. How do I recognise the signs of concussion? You should look for any of the following: a headache feeling dazed or confused…

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Help at hand: Deep Tissue Massage

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  Massage therapy: Our body ‘armour’ and how massage can help:   Our daily activities and lifestyles tend to put demand on our muscles and skeleton, which often leads to chronic patterns of tension and stress. Our increasingly sedentary posture creates prolonged exposure to this stress and tension on muscles and joints as they compensate to maintain balance and sustained sitting. Another cause of muscular tension is chronically contracted muscles…

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World Cup Football: Which Group Do You Fit Into?

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With the FIFA World Cup starting today, which Group do you fit into, what is your ‘exercise’ group? Group A: Brazil, Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon: pressure and expectation… this what is putting you off exercise? Stop making excuses and get out there, start in small manageable bursts and build upon them. Group B: Spain, Holland, Chile and Australia: Willing but not wonderful, or all or nothing? Does this sum up…

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5 Easy Ways to Avoid Tennis Sports Injuries

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Tennis sports injuries: Tennis can place great stress on the shoulder and elbow. Shoulder problems: The shoulder receives maximal loading during serving and overhead strokes, particularly during internal rotation of the shoulder in forward flexion. Rotator cuff impingement can occur as a result of these repeated movements. In many tennis serves, the feet and body are actually off the ground when this rotation is at its peak. The entire stable…

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Massage for Mum

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A relaxation massage for your Mum? Sunday 30th March 2014……Treat your mum to something special….a deep relaxation and therapeutic massage. Choose from our selection to help her to ‘switch off’, encourage stress-relief and re-balance body and mind as a special Mother’s Day treat, or purchase a gift card from our range of de-stressing massages and let her choose her own treatment.   Further Information We hope to see you soon…

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