Physios Recommend Starting New Year with Exercise

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One in Three ‘Abandon New Year Fitness Drives by February’

The New Year often brings good intentions and endless resolutions to follow a revamped lifestyle. Most gyms and sports clubs report huge increases in their membership every year just after Christmas. The Christmas season is of course the time when we indulge in any number of ‘sweet-things’, plus nibbles, plus large family meals. Is it any surprise that we feel guilty when we look in the mirror in January and February!

Little wonder that we head for the gym in our droves in the first few weeks of the new year, every year. However, a recent survey undertaken on behalf of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Arthritis Research UK discovered that one in every three abandon their new year fitness drives by February. Loss of interest, lack of time and cold weather were all cited as reasons for giving up the new year exercise regimes.

Physios recommend that exercising ‘little and often’ is the best way to start an exercise regime, with small, realistic and progressive goals.

Why You Should Stick With Your Exercise Programme!

      • Regular exercise can help to reduce depression and instantly improve your mood. This is due to the production of endorphins, which are popularly known as “feel-good hormones”.


      • A programme of regular exercise can significantly increase your chances of a sound night’s sleep. With a sound night’s sleep, you can begin the next day feeling more relaxed and more able to perform.


      • Are you a ‘Worry-Head’? Do small problems grow into ‘mental monsters’? In that case, regular exercise is for you! With the chance to ‘burn-off’ stress and your worries, you gain a better perspective


      • Exercise can improve focus and mental clarity. Medical research has shown that those who undertake regular exercise significantly decrease the likelihood of suffering from Alzheimer’s and other mental-illnesses early in life.


      • Exercise produces better energy levels. The more you exercise, the more energy you will have.


      • Your new-found strength and stamina will help reduce the burden of the ‘daily grind’. With greater stamina, you can achieve more in far less time.


      • Exercise improves overall muscle tone. Any extra muscle mass will also help you to increase the rate of your resting metabolism. This can dramatically help you lose any unwanted weight.


      • Exercise is known to help improve self-esteem and boost self-confidence and make you feel more attractive. Here’s to a more confident you!


So, with the potential to sleep better, increase your stamina, boost your metabolism, perform better at work, reduce your cares, boost your sex-life and look better and feel younger…why would you not want to exercise?!

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