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Massage therapy:

Our body ‘armour’ and how massage can help:


Our daily activities and lifestyles tend to put demand on our muscles and skeleton, which often leads to chronic patterns of tension and stress.

Our increasingly sedentary posture creates prolonged exposure to this stress and tension on muscles and joints as they compensate to maintain balance and sustained sitting.

Another cause of muscular tension is chronically contracted muscles and the nerve related patterns they create. Constant contraction or repetitive movements create postural holding patterns. As a result, muscle tension, pain and stiffness increase, which in turns leads to less movement to try to stop the pain and this is sometimes called the pain-spasm-pain cycle.

Life or emotional stressors are often involved in the chronic holding patterns. Sustained stress that causes fatigue can impair our ability to function efficiently and effectively and may led to damage or an accumulation of tension. Psychologist Wilhelm Reich used the term ‘armouring’ when he referred to the psychological stresses that become locked in muscular tension. Deep seated emotional stress can cause protective posture or ‘armouring’ points and massage therapy may help to release tension as well as the emotions, often referred to as an emotional release. This can be a beneficial and common reaction to deep tissue massage.

Deep tissue is not designed to cause bruising or pain, delayed-onset muscle soreness may be a side effect, however the intention is not to cause pain.

Alleviating tension in deeper tissues provides comfort and relief, relieving accumulated tension, stress and pain. Deep tissue massage aims to restore and maintain balance within the body.

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