Halloween de-stress sports massage

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Get rid of those Halloween Horrors this October: treat yourself to 15% off a Sports Massage.

Why have a Halloween de-stress sports massage?

Regular massage is a common part of training for serious athletes. Sports massage can be beneficial in the relief of muscle tension. ‘Knots’: accumulated tension points, can develop in areas of old injuries and through overuse.
These tension points can throw your posture out of line as you compensate for the area that is tense and sore. This in turn may lead to poor performance or even injury. Massage can work out those knots, relieving the stress they can place on muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.
Recent research studies have claimed that massage increases the blood flow to areas massaged and helps the body get rid of lactic acid and toxins. Further detailed research is required to validate such claims – although one recent study found that the athletes felt much better psychologically after massage compared to simply resting after exertion.

Where should my sports massage target?

The areas that are the most stressed in endurance sports (e.g marathon runners) are: hamstrings, quadriceps, adductors, gastrocnemius, knees, ankles, plantar fascia (on base of foot), piriformis, gluteals, iliopsoas.


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