Get Active: Take A TV-Free Day

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How to Get Active: NICE Guidelines New Recommendations:


Everyone should have routine TV-free days, limit computer use and take up active hobbies to encourage a healthier lifestyle and prevent obesity, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has said.
The draft guidance has said everyone

  • should get enough sleep
  • eat breakfast
  • follow a Mediterranean diet
  • increase their activity levels by walking or cycling to school or work
  • take up active hobbies such as dancing or swimming and
  • use the stairs where possible



In addition people should stop eating in front of the television, avoid sugary drinks, reduce screen time by instituting TV free days or limiting viewing to no more than two hours a day, and eat fewer biscuits, cakes and sweets and takeaways.

The guidance also said that using pedometers or other wearable activity monitors can help motivate people to take part in activities.
Professor Mike Kelly, director of the Centre for Public Health at NICE, said: “Obesity rates have nearly doubled over the last 10 years and continue to be a huge concern for local authorities and the health service ….following a healthier diet and being more physically active is important for everyone, not just if you are already overweight or obese.”
“The general rule for maintaining a healthy weight is that energy intake through food and drink should not exceed energy output from daily activity.”
“Making sustained changes – like walking or cycling to work instead of taking the bus or driving and swapping sugary foods and drinks to those with no added sugar – can make an enormous difference to a person’s health. It is also important to keep an eye on your weight as being overweight increases your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.”


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