Back pain: 5 steps to avoid it

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Back pain: 5 simple steps to avoid it:

Back pain self-management is possible. Check the following list to see what you can do to help avoid back pain.

School bags and backpacks can contribute to back pain:

With the new school year approaching, give serious consideration to the weight of school bags and back packs. School children and students should use a well-designed backpack, worn over both shoulders to distribute weight evenly and avoid excess strain on their shoulders and backs.

Physical activity and back pain:

Keep active! Physical activity such as walking or swimming will help keep the back supple, lack of flexibility can lead to increased stiffness and create a vicious circle of stiffness and pain.

Reduce back pain through reduction of stress:

Reduce stress levels. Studies suggest that increased stress levels may contribute to postural and muscular tightness and spasm. Learn to reduce stress, using relaxation techniques or yoga, if self-help measures aren’t working, see your physio or GP who can recommend counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy.

Stretch to avoid back pain:

Keep stretching! Spinal mobility exercises will help to increase flexibility and strengthen your back, talk to us about programmes for you to self-manage your back pain.

Back pain and your Focus on posture:

Increase your postural awareness. When sitting at your desk, make you have support in your lower back (a rolled up towel will help to maintain a gentle lumbar curve). Get up and move about regularly if you work in a largely seated work space. Check desk, chair and computer monitor height. Speak to us for advice and visit



How can Physiotherapy Bangor help?

We can provide a range of advice and programmes to help you self-manage your back pain.

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